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Need your ski racing fix this summer? Try the Arc City podcast!

Now that it’s the end of the 2020/21 alpine ski racing season, diehard fans begin the long off-season wait until November when young athletes return to the slopes, strap on a pair of 2 by 4’s and send themselves careening headlong down the mountain with the hopes of doing it faster than other equally irrational daredevils.

But fear not!  Our summer road trip takes us on an audio journey to “Arc City”, the podcast where questions are asked, stories are told, and athlete insights revealed. The Arc City podcast is hosted and produced by U.S. Alpine Ski team member Jimmy Krupka from the “Arc City studios” in Vail, CO.  As the self-proclaimed mayor of Arc City, Jimmy interviews racing insiders and the sport’s “A-listers” past and present including retired, giant-slalom legend Ted Ligety, 2021’s standout downhiller Breezy Johnson, and four-time Olympian and gold medalist Julia Mancuso, just to name a few.

We caught up with Jimmy last week following his post-season surgery …

You suffered a very serious leg injury this season, how are you healing up?  I snapped my leg pretty good in January, so I got a metal rod in my tibia. I attempted to heal the fibula without any hardware, but alas, it kept moving and ultimately needed a metal plate, put on recently. Otherwise, I’ve just been trying to focus on every aspect of healing: sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, physical therapy, etc. Hoping to ski this summer!

How did you get into the sport of alpine ski racing?  My parents were big skiers, but ski racing wasn’t planned for me. At four-years old, I saw a poster of Bode Miller and I decided I wanted to do THAT! I spent a lot of time after that skiing around trying to get “angles” and asking if I looked like Bode yet. Finally, my parents signed me up for the ski club at Cannon Mountain, and later Sugarbush. 

The “Mayor” of Arc City Jimmy Krupka

What is it about podcasting you enjoy so much?  I love podcasting because of the way it helps me share important stories with the ski racing world. While it’s definitely fun for me, personally, to talk to all these different, cool ski racing people, it’s even more fun to get messages from listeners, telling me that the podcast had a positive impact on how they think, or ski, or prepare, or whatever. Those messages drive me to make more, and better, episodes. 

What are your future plans for the podcast?  We march on! It will continue at the very least through the winter of 2022. I can’t promise very frequent episodes (I do have skiing, and in the spring, college to attend). But I can promise a continued vigor and passion for this project. 

Arc City is a great podcast.  Jimmy is a gifted interviewer who brings a natural style in a conversation setting with his guests.  The podcast has a 4.5 of 5.0 rating and can be accessed via Apple iTunes or your favorite app.  Listen in the car, take it on your run, it’s a light-hearted podcast and a must for all ski racing fans.

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